Home, Pt. 2

What does home mean when you have to leave everything behind? This week, we speak with filmmaker Erin Bernhardt about the upcoming documentary 'Clarkston'.

Home, Pt. 1

What does home mean to you? Is it a place, is it people? This week, we hear stories of home from participants and explore how the idea of home can change with time.

Extras: Happen For A Reason

There are so many great conversations that come out of the Question Booth, and we want to share more of them with you. This time around, we have a couple of interviews from our recent question, 'Does everything happen for a reason?'

Change One Thing, Pt. 2

This week, we speak with two folks from the HowStuffWorks office who would like to change the same thing about themselves for different reasons. We also sit down with Judge Jane Morrison to talk about changing the world instead of yourself.

Change One Thing, Pt. 1

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? And can you learn to love something about yourself that you once wanted to change? We listen to people's answers and look for ways that we can care for ourselves and each other.

Human And Machine, Pt. 2

On this week's episode, we speak with HowStuffWorks' host Anney Reese about the relationships between humans and machines in science fiction. We also visit Dr. Mark Riedl at Georgia Tech to learn more about the future of artificial intelligence.

The AI Revolution: The Road to Super-intelligence Article: bit.ly/2ty9KHI

Human And Machine, Pt. 1

What does it truly mean to be human, and can a machine be human in a world where artificial intelligence is on the rise? This week, we take a listen in on what people think it means to be truly human, and what comforts and scares them about machines. 

Feeling Different, Pt. 2

In the second part of our deep dive into feeling different, we sit down in the Question Booth with Atlanta artist and disability rights activist Barry Lee. 

Feeling Different, Pt. 1

We had so many great interviews from the booth about feeling different this week that we're taking a deeper dive into the question. Join us as we listen to the ways that people have dealt with feeling like an outsider. 

Happen For A Reason

Do we have control of our lives, or is there a guiding hand? Which of these concepts gives you comfort? This week, people in the booth share their stories and respectfully disagree with each other. Special guest: Yves Jeffcoat.